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Omoligation of modified vehicles

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  • Omoligation of modified vehicles

    hi there, I'm looking for some resources about the laws and process of omologation of modified vehicles.

    At the moment I'm interested about the legal process to get omologation to van and cargo conversion into campers/caravans done by privates.

    If anyone has any experience on the matter to share please do!

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    От: Omoligation of modified vehicles

    You want to register a modified vehicle in Bulgaria or other country?

    In Bulgaria the companies which approve modifications are:
    1. Technotest http://technotest.bg/en/технически-п...и-изпит/
    2. Dekra https://dekra-automotive.bg/en
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      От: Omoligation of modified vehicles

      I'd say that it is probably much easier to get the work(all labour intensive tasks for the conversion) done in BG and then register(paper work + MOT etc.) the vehicle in the UK as in BG the path is not so well beaten as in the UK, IMHO.

      There is a chap on here called Plamen with nick name "kinex" who has done it for Jeeps, his experience is probably applicable to vans too; he also speaks good English.
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        От: Omoligation of modified vehicles

        Difficult task in BG, next to impossible. Or at least hard enough to put you off ...
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