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Магадан 2011

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  • Магадан 2011

    So a Chopper just aint gonna cut it for this trip. So do I get a BMW? a KTM? a KLR?
    Why not just build my own!
    So I decided a Sportster. I wanted an Evo Sporty, because they are pretty damn bulletproof, and Im not gonna be anywhere that I can get parts easily.
    I hunted around about a month, looking for a low mileage, unmolested 1200. I REALLY wanted an 03, because butchering up their special 100th anniversary bike just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Finally, I found one in Florida, with only 10,000 miles on it.

    It didnt look like that for long.......

    then I start fitting forks. I was working on getting these honda forks to fit

    but then I found a set of KTM forks. they bolted right on! (well, pretty much)

    found a set of dual headlights, it needed some bug eyes!

    I got some black bodywork, & a bigger tank. I will have to work on the tank so that the forks dont hit them.

    plus, I want to ad a rack onto it, from an old Triumph

    and a set of 17 inch Progressive shocks

    test fitting a spare gas tank, that will attach to an old Harley panhead rack

    and a set of rearset pegs, designed for a cafe racer, but with a little work, will be ok for a dirtbike. this moves the pegs back & down, easier to stand up on the pegs for the rough stuff & water crossings

    Now Im waiting for the new stuff for the wheels (black alloy rims & spokes) and tires. then I have to make an exhaust & saddlebag brackets

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    От: Магадан 2011

    So I wanna go to Magadan. Why? well why not?
    No Harley has attempted this road before. The last 2500 miles or so is unpaved, not really 'chopper friendly' with many missing bridges, water crossings, sand, swamp, mug, gravel, &
    all kinds of fun terrain. Its known as the 'Road of Bones' because of all the prisoners that died when sent here to make the road back during the Stalin/Gulag era.
    They just put the bodies in the roadbed, & kept up with the progress.
    As I've ridden across Russia already, Im gonna take a more southern route. Alot of these places I havent been to before, & am really looking forward to it.
    The big variation of the route as of now, is whether I can get a visa to cross Iran, or if I will have to go around it. I hope to get one, but not so easy for an American.
    from Magadan, I'll head south by boat to Vladivostok, then ride back to europe, so this will be about equal to 2 RTW trips in one summer.
    Should be fun!

    This is the Pamir Highway, in the Himalaya mountains. its very high, very beautiful, & very unpredictable weather. And a small side trip into Afghanistan, if possible....


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      От: Магадан 2011

      Amazing plan, Doug.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Wish you good luck and all the best
      Per aspera ad astra.


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        От: Магадан 2011

        Sounds great Doug,

        As far as I see the Sportster would become something like Spotster-Enduro-Travel bike,which is unique!Maybe I missed,but what rims size you'll use to improve the Sportster clearance and what clearance you expect after it?

        Otherwise the route you plan is absolutely amazing.For the Iranian visa,please try to ask StanTours-David(info@stantours.com; or stantours@gmx.net), he is very friendly guy and the invitation he can supply you cost 55 USD and you can apply after it for visa here in Iranian embassy in Sofia.

        Wish you a best of luck!

        търся си подписа....


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          От: Магадан 2011

          Hi Doug,
          we've never met, but I've read most of your ride reports in ADVrider and here and I love them. Especially "The Wrong Way Round..." from 09

          So, I see on the map you are planning going trough Mongolia again? Are you sure? Because I heard the same guy still works at the customs and he has a question for you:
          “What bike number?”

          Just make sure you have the answer ready ;-).....

          Waiting for you report and good luck!!



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            От: Магадан 2011

            Rims will be 21/18. The forks are 5 inches longer than stock (about 12cm?)
            rear shocks are 4 inches longer (10 cm) Heidenau K60 Rally tires. Im not sure of the total clearance ground to frame yet. I hope to have it on the wheels & rolling soon.

            I hope you guys are all doing good!



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              От: Магадан 2011

              I met a guy whose wife is Iranian, & she is going to try to help me with a visa. I hope it works, I REALLY want to visit Iran!


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                От: Магадан 2011

                How much snow does one need to get an idea like that?!?

                Seriously, great concept, I hope HD pick it up and start making DS bikes!

                Колко сняг трябва да те навали да се сетиш за нещо такова?!?

                Серизно - добра концепция и се надявам HD да я харесат и да започнат да правят такива мотори!
                Последно редактирано от giorgio; 23-02-11, 12:49.
                You'll never find out - I got no key hole....


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                  От: Магадан 2011

                  Can't wait to see the final result of this modification on that Sportster

                  Wish you all the best and good luck!


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                    От: Магадан 2011

                    Hello Doug,

                    Nice to hear from you again.

                    I will separate my post in two parts:
                    Part 1 - What the Hell are you doing with your nice HD?
                    Part 2 - What are you going to do into the Hell?

                    Part 1
                    I am really fascinated of things you have done to that initially so bad looking HD.
                    After the intervention it appeared to be much more better and there is a big potential of improvement that is practically boundless as I can rely to your imagination. I will permit myself to give you a suggestion. Please kindly include in the customisation at least one part from the well known IZH. It will be a good message to the local people in Russia and a great opportunity for jokes there. Not the last, this is the only chance IZH to make a WRT like trip

                    Part 2
                    Great track!... only... i do not understand... why so much efforts for a simple Round Black See Trip
                    A lot of visas, a lot of logistics, special permisions, terrain chalanges... I hope you will succed to handle all the issues and will finish new bike project successfully. Acctually I am confident you will. Let's hope that the roads in the Far East Russia will be practicable and not a lot of additional obstacles will appear. If you meet a naked bear please do not miss to make a picture to it... I have some free space on my wall full with posters of bulgarian Chalga singers and I'd like to fill it. Please promise tht you will bring at least one naked bear picture especially for me, please...

                    What is the expected start date for the trip?
                    I sow that it starts from Germany. I suppose Ferry from US is going to berth there.

                    Здравей Дъг,

                    Приятно ми е да видя новата ти тема.

                    Ще разделя писанието си в две части:
                    Част 1 - Какво по дяволите правиш с хубавото си Харли?
                    Част 2 - Какво възнамеряваш да правиш набутвайки се в Ада?

                    Част 1
                    Наистина съм очарован от нещата, които си сторил на първоначално толкова зле, изглеждащият HD.
                    Оказва се, че след интервенцията изглежда много по-добре, а има още по-голям потенциал за подобрение, дори практически безгранична, доколкото мога да се доверя на твоето въображение. Ще си позволя да ти дам едно предложение. Включи в персонализирането на мотора поне една част от ИЖ. Знам че обичаш ИЖ, а това ще е и хубаво послание към местните в Русия... и чудесна възможност за шегички там.
                    Не на последно място, това е единственият шанс поне някаква част от ИЖ да успее да направи пътешествие подобно на околосветско.

                    Част 2
                    Чудесен маршрут!... само ... не разбирам ... защо толкова много усилия за обикновено кръгче около Черно море.

                    Очакват те много визи, много логистика, специални разрешения, предизвикателства откъм терена... Надявам се да успееш да се справиш с всички детайли и да завършиш новия проект успешно. Всъщност убеден съм в това!
                    Да се надяваме, че пътищата в далечния изток на Русия ще бъде проходими и няма да възникнат много допълнителни пречки. Ако срещнеш "naked bear", моля те не пропускайте да я снимаш... Имам малко свободно пространство на стената в къщи, иначе пълна с плакати на български Чалга-певици и бих искал да го запълня. Моля те, обещай че ще направиш поне една снимка на "naked bear" специално за мен, моля те...

                    Каква е очакваната начална дата на пътуването?
                    Видях, че пътешествието започва от Германия. Предполагам ферибота от САЩ ще акостира там?
                    Последно редактирано от giorgio; 27-02-11, 16:08.
                    Следващият път, когато умът ви витае, последвайте го! => www.smehurko.info


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                      От: Магадан 2011

                      OK, I will install an Izh part on the bike, any suggestions?

                      As for the route, I wanted to go around the black sea, but there are problems in Chechnya, so I need to go around that.

                      I dont know about a naked bear, but I think in Yakutsk, I can find a naked babushka to pose for a picture for 10 rubles.
                      They look alot like a bear, you wont know the difference. She will look good on your wall next to the poster of Aziz.

                      I will start in Germany 1st of May, & head to BG.

                      Im waiting on the new tires to arrive (heidenau K60s) and then the bike will be rolling, I will post more pictures



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                        От: Магадан 2011

                        Имам молба, към пишещите в тази тема, които освен английски, могат да говорят и пишат на български.

                        Моля, след английския текс, добавяйте и превод на български!

                        За превода на Дъг, ако някой не ме изпревари, ще се погрижа аз, след няколко дена, когато се прибера в Бургас.
                        Land Rover Discovery I; Jeep Wrangler 4.0; Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2.
                        Honda Transalp XL600V; Suzuki DR-Z400; BMW F800GS.


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                          От: Магадан 2011

                          Sorry that I cant write in Bulgarian. Thanks Georgio for offering to translate!

                          I stuck a set of ktm wheels on the bike today. Still waiting for my tires, so I can install my new wheels, but at least this gives me an idea of where Im at. It fits me good, & so far Im really happy with it.
                          I need to stretch the sidestand a bit tho.
                          I'll do that next week, when Im at my friends building the exhaust & bag mounts


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                            От: Магадан 2011

                            Very good HD enduro. Congratulations Doug


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                              От: Магадан 2011

                              It looks almost like real bike. Not the tractor as it is.
                              Just kidding, great idea and great job.

                              Изглежда почти като истински мотор. Не като трактор, какъвто е.
                              Шегувам се, страхотна идея и страхотна работа.
                              Последно редактирано от giorgio; 23-02-11, 12:50.


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