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Fish and chips

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  • Fish and chips

    Вчера ми излезе във фейсбук спомен от преди няколко години, при една от командировките ми на острова. И реших да надраскам нещо на две на три, като спомен, за колегите и приятелите с които се видях тогава. Отделно и темата за телешкото... Надявам се да го оцените, приемам всякакви критични забележки. Приятно четене:

    Someday of the week... I was on a trip to the UK. Besides all the junk I had to do (business trip), I decided that I will visit and see some old friends.

    I have already made arrangements with Beni (and her cats, but that's another story), so I called up Mr. Vernon.

    - Hey, I am in the UK until some time next week, we can have a beer or two, if you have the time?
    - Will Monday be a good time for you, Debbie is out with her sister and friends, I have a day off, I can meat you at your hotel?
    - Great!
    I was staying at a hotel at Blackfriers bridge, can't remember what part of a hotel chain it was. Pretty expensive (as it should be, for a hotel located in the center of London), but not that good though. Great breakfast, and a really nice Polish girl on the reception desk, I became a friend with her over the time .

    The hotel was located 5 minutes walking distance from IBM headquarters and even closer to Blackfriers subway (metro/underground/?) station and the Thames river. Colin arrived in no time and here we are, at a pub, next to Blackfriers bridge, drinking beers watching Thames river (Danube is better) and talking gibberish. Colin asked me:

    -What do you want to do? Shakespeare's theater is nearby, we can go see it?
    -No, I saw it the other day, while I was walking around. I want to eat fish and chips!
    -Mmmm, OK. Are you serious?
    -Sure I am, I have eaten chicken tikka masalla, lamb tikka masalla, all type of typical Anglia food , I want fish and chips!

    Being a Bulgarian sometimes sucks... Not having internet or any connection on your phone, because... First world problems...

    So Mr.Vernon googled fish and chips, it turns out, the best fish and chips in the whole United Kingdom (and probably its dominions), was just across Thames river and a few more miles of walk . Pretty close to where we were, no need for Uber or taxi or anything .

    Reaaaaaaly optimistic ... It took us close to an hour to reach our destination. It turns out it is the headquarters of the "best fish and chips in the UK". And probably the Universe. No fish and chips at this location .

    We end up at the closest fish and chips restaurant, that we found. I finally understood why Mr. Vernon asked me time and time again, why I want to taste fish and chips so much . To top it all, I ate pickled eggs ... WHY, WHY, WHY!

    The evening ended up with a glass of gin in a old marketplace, refurbished as a bar. London is nice.

    Good times!

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